Monday, 7 May 2012

Signs She Wants Me Back - Learn How To Spot Them Here

There is no doubt about it, if you want to get her back in your life then you will have to be able to read the signs first. She will be emitting certain signals that you have to learn to watch out for. It is more than what she says remember, there are a lot of clues that you can read in her body language too. Let's get started then.

She contacts you a lot after the break up

Even if she was the one that broke up with you, you may find that she is contacting you after the break up. This is a huge clue that she wants you back and still has feelings for you. Also look at the way she is contacting you. Is she calling to hear your voice? She will be wanting to make some kind of personal contact with you and calling you is the perfect opportunity. 

She will probably sound a little nervous and be asking you how you are. Look out for what she says when she is phoning you too. Is there any point to her call or is she really checking up on you to see how you are doing? Watch out for feeble excuses such as returning stuff to you. Go with your gut instinct here.  She will be testing the waters to see how much you have moved on. 

The same goes for texts. If she is suddenly texting you out of the blue and asks loads of questions, she is trying to engage you and wants to prolong the conversation. Texts are much more likely to come from her at night or the weekends when she is lonely and thinking about you.

Listen out for what she asks too. If she is asking you what you have been up to or perhaps what you are doing at the weekend, she will be trying to suss out whether you are looking for someone new. If this does happen you should be polite but evasive, this way you are not lying to her but letting her own mind fill in the blanks of what you are up to. Her imagination will be in overdrive at the thought of you going out on a date with someone else. 

She starts to reminisce about your past relationship together

This is a huge sign that she misses you and that she feels that there is something missing in her life. Think about it, if she was getting on with her life and happy she would not feel the need to go over your past or remember about the happy times, she would be too busy. She is also doing this to see if you feel the same. She is looking for clues that you miss her too and testing the waters before she does anything else. 

She may mention things that you used to do together and places that you used to go. When you break up it is easy to forget about the bad times and then start concentrating on what was good and idealising it. When she does this it is a great opportunity for you to try and get her back again. She will be much more open to a reconciliation when she misses you and the good times.

She shows you signs of affection

This doesn't just mean physical affection remember. Look out for compliments or concern about your well being. This ultimately shows that she still has feelings for you and is genuinely concerned about how you are doing. 

When two people break up they will suddenly start to miss the physical closeness of what being in a relationship brings. She may try to hug you or slap you in a friendly way on your arm. Any kind of contact here is what she is after. Be careful not to take advantage of this though and always do things for the right reasons. If you end up getting close again then make sure that you are both in the right place and neither of you will regret it. 

Your Next Steps

Obviously these are very few of the signs that your ex girlfriend wants you back. There are many more that you need to spot and this guide will teach you. 

Watch the free video on the right to learn some clever techniques that will start making your ex girlfriend chase you and want you back. You can use female psychological triggers to excite her interest in you again and draw her closer to you. Best of luck.


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