How To Make Her Miss Me

If you are a guy and your girlfriend has just broken up with you, there is no doubt that you will be going through a pretty rough time right now. Your situation is made even worse by not having a clue why she decided to end things and what is going on in her head. Once you understand the female psyche, you will have all the power back in your own hands. When you know what makes a woman tick you can use this knowledge to your advantage and make her miss you. Let's get stuck into what will make her miss you now then.

Distance yourself

The best thing that you can do right now is to stay away from her. I know that this may seem counter-intuitive, how can you get her back if you are not in her life anymore? This is where you are wrong. When you take yourself away from your ex girlfriend, she will soon notice that you have gone. When you are in a relationship with someone you get used to spending all of your time with them. They are your confidante and become your best friend. When you suddenly take that away from her, she will pine for you and all the positive aspects of your relationship. The beauty of this tactic is that you do not have to do very much to make it happen, you just have to make sure that you follow through for it to work.

Try your best to not communicate with her for at least a month. This may seem like an eternity to you and time will go slowly, there is no point in pretending, but it will get easier. No communication does mean any form of contact, this includes facebook, texts, or any form of direct or indirect contact. You can't be updating your facebook wall every day either, telling everyone what you are doing. The key here is to completely disappear off her radar. This will create an air of mystery around you and she will be constantly wondering about what you are doing and who you are doing it with.

Play on her emotions

Men and women are very different when it comes to emotions. Women are emotional creatures and they consequently think with their hearts. If you can play upon her emotions and romantic side, she will soon succumb to your charms again and start seeing you in a positive light. You just need to push the right buttons to be successful here. A good idea would be to remind her of special memories between you both. Obviously you don't want to lay it on too thick as she will think that you are up to something, be natural and sincere.

It is a good idea to do the above after you have not contacted her for a while, then she will be a lot more receptive to talking about your past together. She will likely have been reminiscing herself after the break up and starting to miss the times that you spent together. Therefore you have to make it a positive experience, introduce humour, pick a funny moment that you can both be in stitches over. This will be sure to fire her attraction for you and get her back.

Do the opposite of what she expects you to do

If she is the one that broke up with you, you cannot lose your self respect in front of her. She may very well expect you to plead and beg to take you back, or at the very least, seem sad about your split. When you do not give her what she wants she will become confused and start questioning her decision to break up with you. If you can be strong enough to not give in when she texts you and reply immediately, you will rise in her estimation. You want her to respect you again, this is the basis of all good relationships, so stick to your guns here. At the same time, don't be rude to her or say nasty things, this will close the channels for communication entirely and she will feel like you do not want her anymore.

Be the kind of person that she will miss

Let's face it. We will not miss someone who is a pain to be around, will we? To be honest, we will want to avoid them at all costs. If you are acting miserably and are depressed about the break up, she will not really want to deal with this and see you as rather pathetic. I know that it sounds harsh, but you have to think about how you will appear from her perspective. Of course you have every reason to be unhappy at the moment, but make sure that you deal with it in private so that she does not see it.

Women are attracted to men who are fun and have a good sense of humour. Let her know that you are still this incredible person by getting out there and living your life. When she sees that you can get through things without her, she will start to get frightened and realise that she is actually the one that needs you. Be positive in your dealings with her and everyone around you as this will rub off on her and make her miss you a lot.

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