Being Friends With Your Ex Girlfriend

There is nothing like the pain that you endure when you have a broken heart. It can almost feel as though someone has died. This is a very common experience. Research states that the emotional flux that we go through during a break up are very similar to those feelings that we experience after a death.

This is why you are finding it so hard to get through things and move on. You should not be expected to get over your relationship quickly, this just wouldn't be natural. You will also want to hold onto whatever you can of your ex girlfriend, this is why couples generally opt for friendship.

There is a natural grieving process involved in breaking up so you shouldn't try to rush it or it will only hit you harder. Take some time to yourself now and work out where you want to go from here. If you do decide that you want to be friends with your ex, there are some things that you will need to be aware of. This is especially true if you are hoping to get her back in the future.

Why being friends with your ex after a break up will ruin your chances of getting back together

Emotions will be running high after your break up and you will be very confused about what she says and does, reading into things in the hope that she wants to get back together. You will both probably find it a lot easier to agree to be friends when you split as you will have contact with each other and can still speak. You have to know that this is a bad idea though if you want to get her back eventually. You will end up slipping into a new comfort zone where she can have you in her life when she needs you. You will not be respecting yourself if you do this, you will only end up frustrated that you have become her lapdog.

Another important thing to remember here is that she will not miss you if you are not around. If you are still in her life then she will be happy and not feel the loss of you. This in turn means that she will not have to act to keep you in her life. This is bad news for you as you now find yourself stuck in a rut that you cannot get out of.

It is best to say to her that you still have feelings for her and that being her friend is much too difficult for you at present. Say that you hope she understands, but you can't settle for friendship when you want more. Then the ball is in her court to work out what she wants to do.

When She Only Wants To Be Friends And Nothing More

This friend thing is not healthy after a break up. It is a natural thing for couples to ask and want because cutting the ties entirely can be almost too much to bear. This middle ground of friendship seems like the perfect compromise for the person who dumped you, but it is never a good idea for the person who got dumped. If you agree to her wishes you are giving her exactly what she wants and you will continue to be in her life. The panic in losing you for good is no longer there and she will not be forced to make a decision about your future together. Think carefully before you agree to be friends, it rarely works out if there are still feelings involved.

What happens when you are already in the friend zone? Well you will need to know how to get out of it and reverse the damage already done. There are very effective tricks that you can use to do this and it will make her wonder why she ever broke up with you in the first place and eventually enable you to get her back.

Winning Back Her Love - Where Do I Start?

You will now understand that there are techniques to getting back your ex girlfriend. Those guys who listen to the advice will succeed and be rewarded for their efforts. Do not wait around and hope that she will come back to you of her own accord, do something about it before you lose her for good. Let the professionals tell you exactly what your next steps are, how to make her desire you again and make her chase you.

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